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Elevator Services - Private Residential

Long Island, NY Private Residential Elevator Maintenance & Repair

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Long Island, NY Residential Elevator Maintenance & Repair

A residential elevator delivers an unexpected return on your investment…higher resale value.  It’s an amenity that offers both convenience and proven luxury appeal.  You’ll benefit from your elevator today and also when you sell your home.  Once considered a luxury, the home elevator has evolved into an everyday household comfort, allowing you to move groceries, laundry, luggage, guests, furniture, and other items from floor to floor with ease.

Inclinator has been improving the lives of Americans for more than 90 years.  By providing mobility solutions, we help people enjoy an improved quality of life by remaining in their homes, enjoying active lives with greater independence and confidence.

MRL Geared

Elevette Hydro & Winding Drum

We provide a complete suite of residential transportation options

We service Proprietary & Non-Proprietary Equipment across all platforms to include nearly all equipment manufacturers in the world.

  • GAL Manufacturing
  • Elevator Controls Corp
  • Virginia Controls
  • Innovation Industries
  • Claddagh Controls
  • Monitor Controls
  • Draka Elevator
  • K-tech Phones
  • Dura Lift
  • Elevator Systems Inc
  • Matot Elevator
  • Waupaca Elevator
  • Inclinator
  • Alliance Elevator Solutions
  • Motion Controls
  • Vertical Express
  • Canton Elevator
  • Custom Elevator
  • MEI Total Elevator Solutions
  • EMI Porta
  • Imperial Motors
  • Titan Machine
  • Maxton Manufacturing
  • Elevator Equipment Corporation
  • Blaine Valve
  • Savaria Elevator
  • Giant Elevator
  • Autoquip
  • Dover Elevator
  • Westinghouse Elevator
  • Othompson Elevator
  • Sedgewick
  • Concord Elevator

Fujitec NO

Pine State NO