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This guide will help you to understand the basics of multi-family building Elevators and some of the various features

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Elevator Components

Apartment Rentals

Luxury Apartment building elevators can increase access to the units and result in higher revenue for the owner.

Some of these elevators can be operated with magnetic cards in the control board of the elevator, keypads with codes, and even fingerprint readers.

The units they serve are typically found primarily in new construction condo buildings, as well as in buildings that are industrial-to-residential conversions.

They can be considered a luxury amenity and you can expect the apartments to be large. Some multi-family elevators will service the entire floor or penthouse units.

Private Owned Condos

Compact elevators for multi-unit condo buildings can be customized and have features that are similar to luxury apartments such as magnetic cards in the control board of the elevator, keypads with codes, and even fingerprint readers.

They can be added to existing structures or a retrofit in new construction design with simple interiors and buttons.

The loss of elevator service does not permit those owners to withhold common charges or take other similar actions against the board as it is seen by the state to be a direct violation of the bylaws that govern condominium properties.

Shared Co-op Elevator Units

Co-ops are collectively owned and managed by their residents that share in a non-profit corporation. The first housing cooperatives arrived in New York around the late 1800s and remain very popular in the city. 

The important difference between a co-op and a condo is that most co-op associations require a prospective purchaser to apply for the unit and must be approved by the co-op board.

The benefit is being able to pick your neighbors. The downside is that when you sell, the board must approve the buyer and that can defer or even block the sale.

The elevators system cost for maintenance and service within a co-op are shared and more of a “right” when compared to a condominium.

In a co-op or a rental building the loss of elevator service can be viewed by the state as a breach of the quiet enjoyment that is considered a right of the occupant.

On-Campus and Faculty Facilities

For the betterment of the campus system, the elevators onsite can be used by students along with faculty, staff, and students with disabilities. 

Each building on campus (excluding some dormitories) may have at least one functioning elevator available for the students and guests to use. 

The maintenance and repairs need to be up to date since elevators lacking in efficiency or not properly functioning can cause student traffic to slow down and attendance levels to suffer.

The majority of these buildings that have elevators will typically have more than three floors, so riding the elevator up is ideal. They are also a great solution for off-campus units within colleges and universities. 

Keeping the elevators inspected and maintained provides a quick, easy, efficient way to use the convenient elevators resources and ensure the students can get to class in a timely manner.

Manufactures & Suppliers

  • GAL Manufacturing
  • Elevator Controls Corp
  • Virginia Controls
  • Innovation Industries
  • Claddagh Controls
  • Monitor Controls
  • Draka Elevator
  • K-tech Phones
  • Dura Lift
  • Elevator Systems Inc
  • Matot Elevator
  • Waupaca Elevator
  • Inclinator
  • Alliance Elevator Solutions
  • Motion Controls
  • Vertical Express
  • Canton Elevator
  • Custom Elevator
  • MEI Total Elevator Solutions
  • EMI Porta
  • Imperial Motors
  • Titan Machine
  • Maxton Manufacturing
  • Elevator Equipment Corporation
  • Blaine Valve
  • Savaria Elevator
  • Giant Elevator
  • Autoquip
  • Dover Elevator
  • Westinghouse Elevator
  • Othompson Elevator
  • Sedgewick
  • Concord Elevator

Fujitec NO

Pine State NO

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