One of the most important aspects of owning an elevator is not so much the operation. Yes, they should operate smoothly, and people should have peace of mind when stepping into them on a regular basis. Maintenance is such an important aspect, and in the state of New York and other states in the country, there are requirements that must be followed. If a business doesn’t get this done properly, fines and other issues could very well arise. Not only that, you may find that people’s lives can be endangered as a result. When looking into commercial elevator maintenance in Long Island, you may want to learn about how often you need to get an inspection done. The following shines light on that, and a few other notes of interest.

How Often Do Elevators Need An Inspection?

The short answer to this is 4 times a year for a commercial passenger elevator. Now, if you’re talking about commercial freight elevators, it’s only twice a year. This is very important. Much like cars need to have oil changes every 3,000 miles or so, the same is true about lifts of various types. You have to remember, there are several moving parts that come with this, as lifts are not “simple” in how they work. Modern solutions have a lot of electrical components, safety elements, and more that can go awry. In many instances, an inspection will help in finding any issues that may arise from normal wear and tear.

What Items Need Repairing Most?

When it comes to repairs, there are a few things that could arise as a result of normal wear and tear. Items that need repairing most include door locks, gates, wiring issues, valves, buttons, lights, and circuitry. It’s easy to walk into a lift and assume that everything is working fine, but there are certain things that just go out. Even with light use, there are leveling elements, control boards, and so much more that need to work at full capacity to get a smooth ride. Without inspections, these things can go undetected and cause serious problems down the line.

Get A Helping Hand (Don’t Skip Inspections)

It’s imperative that you work with a professional to get an inspection done every few months. As mentioned above, commercial passenger elevators should have 4 inspections a year. It is very important that these are not skipped. It’s easy to put these things on the back burner, and just assume all is well if things are working. However, things fall apart, and even the lightest used lift will eventually break down.

Every year, it’s important to call in a commercial elevator maintenance company to help focus on the natural wear and tear. You’ll find that by getting regularly scheduled inspections, you could very well save money with minor fixes. Minor changes, updates, and fixes will save you thousands. If you wait too long, something could go seriously wrong, and that could lead to replacing complete elevator elements, which could stifle your budget. If you remember nothing else, remember not to skip your elevator’s inspection, simple as that.

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