All elevators and lifts have a set of safety standards that should not be ignored. It’s easy to overlook some of these but it’s not advisable. If you have an elevator in Long Island that is due for inspection or needs repair, don’t neglect the necessary safety standards.

Where You Might See Platform Lifts

Platform lifts can be found in a lot of different areas. From construction zones to court houses, these often help people bound to wheelchairs get to a raised state. In new construction zones, they are put in place of ramps that would not fit in certain areas. They help with accessibility overall. They are great options to use, but require a few simple safety elements.

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Independent Operation

There is a list of standards that the ADA has put out. In order for these to be in place, they must be able to work without any assistance. Unassisted operation is the main standard here. ADA prohibits lifts of this type to have an attendant operation system. This is different than portable lifts, mind you, which are not in line with any of the main ADA Standards put out today.

Door and Gate Requirements

Moving along, you’re going to find that doors and gates have safety measure requirements also. They have to be low energy and operated with their own power. Simple lifts that do not stop more than twice can have manual doors and overall, they must remain open for 20 seconds.

Reach Ranges

There must be controls that are within reach for someone that is in a wheelchair. There should also be clearance across the floor, and a runway landing. There should be a 36” wide floor space and a length across doors and gates of 48” depending on whether or not there’s a longer side to the enclosure. For longer options minimum lengths are 60”.

Commercial Elevators repair or maintenance long island NY

Power Elements

It’s important for platform lifts to have standby power. This is critical for safety, just in case there’s a problem with the electrical grid. Standby power should not be overlooked, as it is important to comply with ADA standards.

It’s important to consider the safety elements above, but also understand that the ADA standards of safety do not meet up with ASMA A18.1 options. There’s a difference in how these outline safety requirements, and should not be overlooked.

Overall, if you aren’t sure if your platform lift is in compliance, or perhaps you need maintenance checkup, call in a professional. Get an inspection done, to make sure that you’re not outside of the ADA safety standards. Elevator and lift maintenance may be easy to forget, but it is critical today. Safety should never be an afterthought when dealing with modern elevators and lifts, which is why you should get a professional opinion on the matter.

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